Ranch Horses for Sale

Ranch Horses for Sale


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7 year old AQHA Blue Roan Gelding

15.1 /1350 lbs

***Offered at $12,500***

“Hawk” is a big pretty 7 year old Blue Roan gelding that is really put together.  This outstanding gelding is a ranch horse deluxe. With good withers, big bone and a wears a #1 shoe all the way around. “Hawk” is an easy moving horse for his size, quick on his feet and can turn back on a cow very well for a horse with his size.

I have owned “Hawk” going on 5 years, and he has been used for a variety of jobs throughout those 5 years. I have used “Hawk” to doctor everything from calves to bulls, and he is stout and durable enough to hold up to it all. I have tied off to cattle in the pasture without any issues. He has logged the majority of his time though roping yearlings and similar class cattle in the pasture or the arena.

I have taken “Hawk” with me each winter to Arizona and he has stacked up the miles on the desert and handling cattle there, as well as up here in Montana. “Hawk” will watch a cow well with that aggressive style and expression that is found so often in these great Hancock/Driftwood horses. I have used “Hawk” to compete at team sortings and ranch ropings and he has always performed well in activities with lots of busy action. “Hawk” has been to brandings and brought calves to the fire, sorted cattle in the alley ways, tub and up the chute. All the while never afraid to get in there and mix it up if need be.

“Hawk” has also seen lots of miles on the trail and in the mountains. Crossing water, bridges, logs and downfall he is no stranger to rough country. He knows how to stand and eat on a highline and is comfortable in his own space.  “Hawk” has been handled and ridden in the Californio style of horsemanship and has spent the majority of his time progressing through the Hackamore stages. He spent some time early on in the Snaffle for the purpose of simply having him well rounded and exposed to it’s use. Most recently “Hawk” was started in the Two Rein last winter in Arizona. He is responding well to the Two Rein and is really framing up nice as of last fall.

Oct. Helena clinic 542

I have used “Hawk” a considerable amount in my clinics and lessons and he has always been a consummate professional. He is used to social environments, loud speakers and noises and the typical chaos that comes from horse events.

Although I have roped off of “Hawk” quite a bit he has never been out of a box in team roper fashion. Even though I have tracked up on cattle outside and he will put you in position for a shot nicely.  I think this is an area where “Hawk” could really do well, he tracks cattle nice, has quality speed and he is built stout and strong. 

“Hawk” is that kind of horse that finds you in the pasture and enjoys being rubbed and scratched on. He is easy to catch, loads great and ties without issue and travels like a pro. Great to shoe, no issues with giving shots or wormer.  “Hawk” stands quiet for you to saddle and bridle him. Clipping his bridle path is no problem and he eagerly accepts baths.

There is a lot of horse to “Hawk”  and although he is considerably gentle and has experienced quiet a bit in his 7 years he is not a finished horse. I do not classify him as a good fit for beginner riders or young kids, that qualification is best filled by horses that are finished. He has a wonderful temperament, but he would be better suited at this time for someone that is comfortable riding a horse with a nice combination of size and quickness. He would be perfect for someone looking for that big pretty blue roan that has been started and transitioned correctly to finish in the final stages of the bridle in the Californio Tradition. 

“Hawk” is an exceptional gelding with lots of experience and handling at that perfect prime age. With his sturdy confirmation and gentle willing mind, “Hawk” has the potential to offer you many years of riding enjoyment.

***If you have any questions about “Hawk” would like pictures or video, please call or email and set up a time to come and meet this fine gelding.***















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Chris Bohenek

P.O. Box 895

Corvallis, MT. 59828

(406) 370-9677


4 thoughts

  1. Hawk is a really great! I would like to buy this stud. Is it still for sale? I own a horse farm in Texas and would like Hawk to ne the newbie there.

  2. Howdy Chris,

    My name is Will and I was connected to you through a mutual friend, Whit Hubbard. I am interested in having a look at Hawk. Let me know when you might be available to connect!

    Cheers mate,


    1. Hi Will I’m sorry I don’t know why Hawk is still listed. He has been sold. What are you in the market for exactly?


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