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Low Stress Cowman-ship for Ranch/Arena

April 22nd, 23rd, 24th

Prescott Valley, Arizona

Classes: Low Stress Cowman-ship for Ranch/Arena – Space currently available

Time: 9 am – 4 pm / 1 hour break for lunch

Sponsor: Lisa Emory/Paula Smith
Phone: (928) 848-6552 – Lisa / (602) 448-6756 – Paula   

Email:    or


Venue: 8450 E. Morning Star Ranch Road – Prescott Valley AZ 86314                                        

  Accommodations: Overnight dry camping available

Clinic Details: Low Stress Cowman-ship and it’s importance in the safe handling of livestock. This approach to livestock handling will help to better understand cattle and how they operate and think. Which in turn will lead to more production and a safer work environment for horses, cattle and humans alike. This approach will also help a person and horse to improve in the growing sport of Ranch Sorting and other cattle related events. This clinic is suitable for young and older horses alike. This clinic will cover a variety of Cowman-ship topics here are a just few for example:

-Identifying different and unique characteristics on cattle

– Being aware of the cows flight zone and your horses area of influence

-Proper positioning of your horse on cattle to maximize the most efficient way to sort and move them.

-Moving Cattle through obstacles that will challenge you and your horses abilities to work smoothly as a team with resistance.

This group is again designed to progress individuals and their horses, with the intent to challenge you to better, not only your horse, but your skills and awareness around cattle as well.

**Limited to 15 participants at this time**

****(If interested in hosting your own clinic series in your area, please contact me for more details)****




Tuesday Evening Progressive Group Lesson – 12 week Course

May 3rd – Aug 2nd

Corvallis, MT.

Classes: Tuesday evening progressive horsemanship group lesson – Space currently available

Cost: $750/ per person for the 12 week course – A SAVINGS OF ALMOST 40% COMPARED TO THE STANDARD 2 HOUR LESSON PRICE!!

Time: 7 pm – 9 pm

Sponsor: Bohenek Horsemanship

Phone: (406) 370-9677


Venue: 736 Alvista Loop Road

Class Details: This class is a great and affordable way for people to take advantage of semi private lessons with their horses, at a fraction of the cost of a normal 2 hour lesson. During this class you will have the opportunity to better your horsemanship skills, as well as progress your horse and teach them new and exciting things. Some of the benefits that you and your horse will receive, but are not limited to during this 12 week course.

–  Understanding how to communicate better with your horse

– Increase your knowledge of how horses think, move and feel

– Increased knowledge = better understanding of your horse = less problems = SAFETY!

– Ability to work on individual issues you might be having with your riding and/or your horse

– Learn the most effective way to use your seat, legs and body to establish more effective riding

– Gain the tools to better prepare your horses for new environments and situations

– Learn how to soften your horses body and mind through feel, timing and balance

– Receive the benefits of riding in a group format where you can learn from the situations that different riders and different horses encounter

– Benefit from the consistency of weekly lessons that are constantly progressing you and your horse further in your horsemanship

– Fun/open learning environment

– Meet new horse people to ride with in the future

– Re-connect with past horse riding friends

– Cost effective. At just over $62.00 for the 2 hours that saves almost 40% from the standard 2 hour lesson of $100



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